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4886 5   1 - Diana Hussein ($17,235.00)
  2 - Jessica Bateman ($3,260.00)
  3 - Nan Campbell ($2,592.00)
  4 - Eliane Michel ($2,260.00)
  5 - Roberto Sinopoli ($1,865.00)
I Walk For Water 2013

WHY WATER? – Amina’s story

Village and District Name: Kerssa, Kalu District

Quote/ Testimonial:

Where do you currently fetch water from?

I fetch water once a day from a spring and carry the 20 liter Jerry Can full of water back home. I travel at least 40 minutes one way. The water is muddy and contaminated and it is even more problematic during dry months.

Have you or your family ever gotten sick because of the water?

Yes, we have a problem with diseases such as diarrhea and vomiting in the family. It is probably because we are drinking unsafe water; it is dirty but we have no choice but to drink it, as that is the only water is available.

How will access to clean drinking water help you?

Access to clean water means that we will not be fetching water all the time and we will also go to school on time and have no stomach pain. The time we used to spend collecting water will be used to study and to do our homework; it will also help us to attend school rather wasting a lot of time for fetch water and it also ensures that we can learn about hygiene and water borne diseases.

My greatest dream is access to clean water in my village and drinking water and sanitation facilities to my school.


Earth Month Study Tour Update

Our Study Tour incentive winners from 2013 have just returned from 10 days with WaterCan touring Ethiopia and visiting AVEDA-sponsored sites.

Check out this link for photos and podcasts from Diana & Cindy!  Here you will find proof of the amazing work that your dollars can do, and hear about the incredible amount of work left to do.

Diana & Cindy raised over $9000 each last year to win the trip!  Who will be this year’s winner?





Fundraising Inspiration: The Climb for Life

Fundraising is hard.  Climbing mountains is hard.  Put them together, and what do you get?  Pure inspiration!

On March 10th, 2014 sixteen people successfully reached the summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro in support of WaterCan.

The group ranged from 21-61 years in age and came from Vancouver, Saskatchewan, Arizona, UK, Toronto and Ottawa to climb 19,341 feet above sea level to raise awareness to clean water rights.

The majority of the group had never heard of WaterCan, until they signed up for the climb, but there was a significant AVEDA connection on the Roof of Africa.

Top Left: Kanon,  Aveda Enthusiast, Ottawa (he brought Grooming Creme all the way to the top!) / Top Right:  Melissa, Aveda Concept Salon Stylist, Elite Salon, SK

Bottom Left: Darlene, Aveda Canada Events & Advanced Academy / Bottom Right: Kathie, Aveda Partner, Saskatchewan


This group of 16 climbers achieved amazing goals during the 7 day climb. They climbed through forest, alpine desert, moorland and rain forest.  They also climbed for 7 hours in the middle of the night to get to the top – and it wasn’t without struggle,  but together they supported each other and helped each other all the way to the summit!






But, the truly amazing thing about The Climb for Life is that 16 people came together to raise over $100,000 for WaterCan. And while many of the climbers were not WaterCan supporters prior to the climb, they are all passionate supporters now!

How can you challenge yourself this Earth Month?  What can you commit to doing to bring awareness to the water crisis?

If 16 people can change the lives of 4,000 people by working together, then the Aveda Canada network can absolutely reach our goal of $600,000 by working together, being bold and having fun!

Your Dollars at Work

This video was taken last month at Ogal Primary School in Kisumu, Kenya  by our event manager Darlene Paguandas. it shows us an example of how the live of kids can change when access to water is provided at school.

In 2013, WaterCan provided Ogal Primary school with private Latrines facilities for boys and girls including handicapped facilities, drinking and washing stations to provide the highest hygiene standard and knowledge education for the school and surrounding community.

This is a great example to show that not only clean water can change life, it is equally important to protect the clean water sources, by doing so you can change life too! By protecting water source through providing hygiene and sanitation facilities, the clean water source will ensure sustainability of the water in the long term.

The result of this project provided excellent attendance at school, improved health and living quality. Since women and girls are usually responsible for fetching water for the household, they are now able to attend all classes, and be comfortable at school. It is not just water we are providing, we are also opening the doors to more opportunities for these kids in the future.



Learn more at: http://www.watercan.com/howwework/index.htm


Meet Charlotte – Our youngest fundraiser


Everyone meet Charlotte Adams – our youngest Earth Month fundraiser, and a true water warrior! Charlotte is six years old, and this is not her first year participating in Earth Month. Last year, she raised $935 dollars, and this year she is working hard to raiser even more money!

Last month, we received a donation in the mail from Charlotte, a soccer ball and a handmade card from Charlotte. She touched all of our hearts with her simple and beautiful message. What can you do to help and raise awareness for Earth Month?


We presented her letter and present to the Kids in Kenya, here are their reactions, watch the video here:











Follow Diana & Cindy in Ethiopia

Cindy Chang from the Aveda Institutes Canada and Diana Hussein from Boulevard Salon in Calgary are in Ethiopia with WaterCan.

We will be posting daily updates from the team to hear about the amazing work they are seeing.  Over the next week, Diana & Cindy will visit projects directly funded by AVEDA Earth Month!

Here Diana talks about a school they visited ib Addis Ababa!

Addis Ababa with Diana Hussein: http://media.ipadio.com/2122455_201404051753365181.mp3





Aveda’s Contribution to Date

This year will mark the 8th year of partnership with WaterCan. Over the past 8 years, Aveda’s has committed to WaterCan’s vision of Clean Water for all and continue to expand the program reaching out to more people than ever. In the past years, Aveda has raised a total amount of over 2.3 million dollars.  The results are translated into tens of thousands of lives forever changed through access to clean, safe drinking water, basic sanitation and hygiene education.

Since 2008, WaterCan has contributed Aveda’s annual Earth Month donations to specified project activities, which were described and reported upon in our annual work plans, partner updates and final reports.

Aveda will continue to support WaterCan’s international and domestic activities to further our vision of a world where everyone, everywhere has access to clean water, basic sanitation and hygiene education.

Contribution To Date:

Funds raised in 8 years: $2.3 Million

Countries Impacted:  Ethiopia, Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania

People served:  36,144  boys, girls, community members

Clean Water:  189 taps, wells, resevoirs, pumps built

Hygiene Education:  104 community and school groups trained

Sanitation:  500+ safe latrines built

The following pictures are taken at Ogal Primary School in Kisumu, Kenya:

One of the Latrine Facilities built by WaterCan in Kenya

Girls are able to attend school because of time saved because of a clean water source at the school.

A hand washing station.



Message from Ethiopia!

Our wonderful Aveda water warriors Cindy and Diana, the winners of last year’s Earth month campaign has arrived in Ethiopia safely! Cindy and Diana has sent us some wonderful videos of the developing schools.

This is the Keranio Medhanialem School located at Kolfe Keranio sub city in Ethiopia, this is one of our current project where the fund from the 2014 Earth Month Campaign will also go towards.

Watch the videos below as Cindy and Diana show us the current condition of the school, stay in tuned for more pictures!

Boulevard Salon raising over $25,000!

Today, we have an inspiring story brought by Rami and Diana Hussein – the owners and operators of boulevard salon in Calgary. As the winner of last year’s Earth Month Campaign, Diana is currently in Ethiopia with WaterCan.

Boulevard Salon has already raised over $18,000 just online! Last month, they demonstrated leadership and creativity by hosting a beautiful event raising over $25,000.

Supported by their community and family, they hosted 260 guests, great food, an amazing DJ (Romi himself!), and raffle prizes that went above and beyond than anyone could ever imagine. Their humble and kind spirit is something truly special.

We are so proud to have such people in the Aveda Community who truly live by the Aveda mission. We want to spark your inner creativity and passion by using this example, and encourage everyone to use it towards fundraising during Aveda Earth Month 2014.


Visit their website at: http://www.boulevardhairsalon.com/


For more pictures of the event, please Click Here

WHY WATER? Desta’s Story

MEET: Desta, age 15 (grade eight)

Village and District Name: Gembela Village in Woliso District

Desta’s Story:

Desta and her family currently fetch water from Kokaki spring found in a neighboring village. It takes her 1 hour to fetch water from this source. During rainy season, Desta and her family fetch water from their unprotected hand-dug well found next to their house.

Diarrhea, abdominal cramp, eye disease are the main types of health challenges Desta and her family members face. Her younger brothers and sisters are most often affects.

What does access to safe drinking water supply mean to Desta?

It would help keep her and her family healthy; allow her to keep herself clean; and help her to save lots of time and energy. Desta also added that fetching water from a long distance away presents a high risk for girls like her because of rape and abduction in the village particularly during the night. So, easy access to a clean, safe water source would let her feel safe.

Desta’s greatest dream is to be a teacher and help her family