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I Walk For Water 2013

It’s Official: Earth Month has begun!

For the 6th year, Aveda globally is supporting Clean Water Rights for all. For the entire month of April the global Aveda network of Salons, Spas, Distributors, Schools and Experience Centres will focus their energy on bringing awareness and financial support to the necessity of clean water in our world.

More than 4,000 children in developing nations die each day from preventable conditions directly linked to consumption of unsafe drinking water. Those living in developing nations typically have access to fewer than eight gallons of water each day; in contrast, the average North American family may use up to four hundred gallons of water in one dayiv. In developing nations, 70 percent of industrial waste and 80 percent of all waste is dumped, untreated, polluting local water supplies.

Our industry depends on water – and it is our responsibility to protect it.

Please enjoy this Aveda Earth Month Video that outlines another layer of our network’s support through the Light The Way Candle and Global Green Grants. Aveda‚Äôs 2012 Light the WayTM soy wax candle, sold exclusively during Earth Month, features a stress-relieving aroma formulated with organic French lavender. One hundred percent of the purchase price ($12) will be donated to Global Greengrants Fund.

It is important to know that the challenges that families in Tilwari, India face are the same as those faced by families in East Africa. Our work with WaterCan/EauVive will help change this. Let’s make clean water a human right because KIDS NEED CLEAN WATER.


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