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10352 -150   1 - Diana Hussein ($20,035.00)
  2 - Darlene Paguandas ($11,740.50)
  3 - Cindy Chang ($6,605.00)
  4 - Alfred Washburn ($3,899.76)
  5 - Jessica Bateman ($3,260.00)
  2 - Collega Education
I Walk For Water 2013

It’s time to get SOCIAL!

Get social for water!

Are you on Facebook? If so, here are some tips to help you get more donations and raise awareness for your I Walk for Water Campaign!  Social Media is the fastest and easiest way to spread your message quickly and effectively!  There are many ways to reach out to your network to raise money and thank your supporters!

Here’s how…

Maximize your Facebook Timeline profile

Change your profile picture and cover photo with pictures/messages that promotes your Walk for Water, WaterCan efforts in Africa, etc.


Change your cover photo to your Look Good, Do Good, Feel Good, entry photos to help you get votes and win the Photo Incentive! If you haven’t entered the incentive do it now! http://www.iwalkforwater.ca/dogood

Scroll down your timeline and go back to this time last year to see who donated and reach out to them again

People love to be thanked! Update your Facebook status and tag those who have donated. Let everyone know how many lives they saved and include the link for others to donate too.


-  Don’t just post “DONATE TODAY!” every day – make sure to let people know why you are walking and how they can help!

Educate your Facebook friends with facts about the living conditions of people in East Africa. Find these facts here: http://iwalkforwater.ca/why/why_water.php.  You can share these links directly from our website on Facebook, Twitter, Email, Linkedin and many more social media sites.




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