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10352 -151
  1 - Diana Hussein ($20,035.00)
  2 - Darlene Paguandas ($11,740.50)
  3 - Cindy Chang ($6,605.00)
  4 - Alfred Washburn ($3,899.76)
  5 - Jessica Bateman ($3,260.00)
AVEDA Earth Month 2014

How do I register to walk?

New this year, all registrations will take place online at www.iwalkforwater.ca. Online registration will allow you to collect donations and track your pledges online. If you have a colleague or friend in need of a print out of the registration form you can find it here.

What is our fundraising goal?

This year’s goal is $590,000! If every walker reaches an individual goal of $280, we will make our 2013 Network Goal and we will save 23,600 lives.

Are there any resources on Fundraising tips and ideas?

Visit the Fundraising Tips section of the website for fundraising ideas.

Need help with your personal profile page?

Click here to see how to edit and update your page.

Who are cheques made payable to?

All Cheques must be made payable to WATERCAN.

Tax receipts will be issued by WaterCan for donations over $25. Tax receipts for cash pledges will be issued in June & July 2013 by WaterCan.

How do I get a ‘Walk For Water’ T-Shirt?

You must register online to receive your Walk for Water T-shirt. T-Shirts can be picked up on the day of the walk.

2012 Hero/Shero Salons will have the opportunity to receive their Walk for Water shirts in advance of the walk. Hero/Shero Salons that register by March 8, 2013 will receive their shirts by April 1, 2013.

What should I bring to the walk?

Wear comfortable shoes and weather appropriate clothing.

We walk rain or shine. Please dress appropriately.

Use reusable containers. Please avoid plastic bottles.

If you plan on bringing snacks, please limit the amount of garbage you produce. Dispose of the garbage in appropriate receptacles.

Can my family and friends walk?

This year the walk is on a Sunday, and we welcome anyone who is interested to join us! We strongly encourage you to invite your family and friends to walk and fundraise. The more people that walk, the stronger the impact on the public and media! Be sure to have them register at www.iwalkforwater.ca and raise $50.00 to obtain their shirt.

What do I do with all the money I collect?

Upon completion of your fundraising, count all of your cash donations and place them in an unsealed envelope labeled with the following information: Name, Salon Name, Walk City, and Total Pledges Enclosed.

Please note: All pledges must be collected and submitted with your pledge form prior to the actual walk or on the walk day before the walk commences.

If you are unable to join us at an official walk site, please contact your Aveda Partner or email info@iwalkforwater.ca.