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10353 -314
  1 - Diana Hussein ($20,035.00)
  2 - Darlene Paguandas ($11,740.50)
  3 - Cindy Chang ($6,605.00)
  4 - Alfred Washburn ($3,899.76)
  5 - Jessica Bateman ($3,260.00)
AVEDA Earth Month 2014


  • Be energetic and dedicated! Show that you care about the cause, the work you’re doing to raise money and most importantly the kids who you are providing clean water for.
  • Challenge yourself and set a goal! Maybe this is your 1st WFW, maybe it’s your 5th. Think about the best you can do, and strive to do better than that. Setting high standards will help us all make the maximum impact possible for the charity.
  • Be creative! Use your resources and your creativity to think of new and exciting ways to engage people and raise funds.
  • This money is not for you. Remember that you are not asking for “personal” donations, but rather for a great cause. Do not feel rejected personally if people say no. They have their reasons which are to be respected.
  • Contact everyone! Every dollar is a drop, and every drop counts. Reach out to your contact lists via email, phone, in person, and through social networks.
  • Be specific and know your facts. If people ask how much they should donate, tell them! Explain that each 25$ donation saves 1 life. People want to know where their money is going - go to www.iwalkforwater.ca for all the data and statistics you need.
  • Always thank each donor personally. Be sure to send a personal thank you to each person who has supported your cause.
  • GO VIRAL. Use social media to engage your guests and tell them what clean water means to you. Promote Check-ins on foursquare and offer special incentives for guests visiting your location. And if you are feeling extra creative, you might even want to make a video. Take a look at this great tool the Aveda Institute Des Moines made last Earth Month which had over 3,000 views and sparked a lot of buzz. Watch and you will see why. http://youtu.be/L4ID17__WFU